Where Shadows Roam

Adventure Log

Looking for adventure, young Brom comes upon the small cluster of buildings the locals dubbed Smallhoff. Bored with his life of splendor in Altdorf, the noble soon finds himself ill-prepared for life on the road.

Seeking better game, and a change of scenery, Daryl Augstat also finds himself in this remote place. A mid-aged man, he has seen much the wilderness, but yearns for something more.

As a resident of Smallhof, the young and inexperienced Kratz Vyul finds himself in the town’s militia. He considers himself well-versed in combat, despite being green behind the ears.

The inn is abuzz with common afternoon activity, and the fire in the hearth blazes warm, opposite the cool breezes that blow through the nearby forest. Just getting off-duty from his day patrol, Kratz sips away at a pint of ale, observing the goings-on of the people within the facility. His gaze falls on a cloaked man seated in the corner; someone he doesn’t recognize. The man has a bow strapped to his back, and hunters are fairly numerous in this area, so he pays no mind.

Next to Kratz, another stranger places himself at the bar, a scraggly, thin man in fine clothes. He causes a racket, and looks as if he doesn’t quite know how to handle himself amongst the other patrons.

Brom finds his nerve and pipes up to the innkeeper, requesting the strongest drink available. The keep serves him a shot of vodka, which burns down his gullet like nothing he’s ever had. Truly, the wine back home never had this kick! Attempting to make a comrade in this strange land, he introduces himself to the lad next to him, and promptly buys a shot of vodka for Kratz and himself.


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